Review: Restoring Love by Jennifer Slattery

4 April, 2017 Book Reviews 17 [simple-rating stars="five-stars"]

My Thoughts:
Let me get myself together for a moment. *Deep breaths*. Ok. There,that’s better. Where was I? Oh yes. I was going to tell you my thoughts on this book. This is my first Jennifer Slattery book. It most certainly will not be my last. It’s like this book is speaking to me. It’s a book on second chances, on honesty, on restoring faith and hope. That’s what this book did to me now, after recent troubles in my life.

Through the characters, both good ones and bad, I fell in love with this book. Their stories showed me that if I believe, if I have faith, my heart will be restored. Leaning on God and understanding that it’s all in His time, His will, love can be restored no matter what. Letting go, forgiveness, and acceptance make up wonderful pages of this book. The characters blended perfectly with the plot line and captivated me, heart and soul.

Ms. Slattery’s book is deserving of no less than 5 stars. If I could give it 5,000 stars I would. I highly recommend that you grab this book, devour it and feel the feels that I felt in this book. You won’t be sorry when you do. I can’t wait to read another amazing book by her talented hands.

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  1. will Jackson

    Jennifer is a really good author. I’m going to have to read this one. Thanks for sharing.

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