Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

28 November, 2014 Book Reviews 1 [simple-rating stars="five-stars"]

My Thoughts:
I’m not normally one to read a dystopian fantasy novel. They generally do not catch my attention long enough to keep me finishing the novels. But, I kept hearing so many things about Divergent this and Divergent that (all of it good!) and my mother had purchased me a copy months ago. It was sitting on my bookshelf calling me. So, I broke down and read it. Oh my word. I read it in ONE day! Literally, like I started it at 6am and by 8pm I was on the final chapter. I loved every second of the book! 

The world of Factions is not one I would ever think about normally. But Triss really helps to pull you into the Factions, following along side of her, hiding her secret with her and working your butt off to make it in the top of the pledges. The intensity that rolls out of the book is incredible, and Four….oh my. Definitely adds hotness to Ms. Roth’s story for sure! The attraction that was felt between Triss and Four was immediate and I rooted for them through out the story! 

The world of Factioins would be a hard one to live in, having to make an ultimately life changing decision in such a quick time. But, through Ms. Roth’s incredible words and writing style, Triss did just that. She pushed for she wanted in order to find her true self. Definitely captivating! 

I highly recommend this 5 star novel to any dystopian fan out there, both young and old alike! It’s intense, it’s captivating and it will hook you from start to finish. Each page turn brought something new to the story and kept me on the edge of my seat, gripping the book until the very end…….an end that has me dying to read book 2! I want to see where Triss and Four end up, I want to see more of this fast-paced Faction-filled series! Well done, Ms. Roth for creating a story that kept me hooked and wanting more! 

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  1. Melissa

    I never read the third book because I knew a main character was going to die in the final book. Stupid spoilers. I accidently read one.

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