Revell Reads Review: Trusting Grace by Maggie Brendan

15 May, 2017 Book Reviews 4 [simple-rating stars="four-stars"]

My Thoughts
I absolutely love Maggie Brendan and her books. She creates wonderful stories filled with beautiful characters, lots of quirks, and a plot line that will pull you in instantly. Trusting Grace is the third book in this series, but the first one that I have read. I’m so glad that I did!

Grace, Robert and the children were all wonderful characters. They came to life instantly, pulling me in, capturing my heart. The interaction between Grace and Robert and Grace and the children left me smiling. The sparks that fly between Grace and Robert are endearing and I loved watching Robert come to terms with the way he feels about Grace. 

This is a story of anger, love, letting go and moving on. A story of learning to trust again. God works His way into the story line, leaving the reader with messages of hope and faith in the end. 

If you love a story that will not only warm your heart, but is filled with captivating characters, history, and hope, then look no further than this beautifully woven novel. This is worth 4 star praises and recommendations to all Christian fiction lovers. Ms. Brendan will leave you wanting more! I can’t wait to go back and read the first two books in this lovely series.

Tell me, would you give love another shot and trust again, after being hurt? Leave a comment below for your chance to win a copy of one of Maggie Brendan’s Virtues And Vices Of the Old West novels! 

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  1. Maryann

    I would always give love a second chance. I gave my now husband a second chance before we got married and I am so glad I did! Love is so worth it!

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