Revell Reads Review: Rescue Me by Susan May Warren

18 February, 2017 Book Reviews 0 [simple-rating stars="four-stars"]

This was an enjoyable read! I’m very pleased to have had the chance to read this new book by a very talented author. From start to finish of this well written novel, I was hooked. Every page turn brought something new and captivating to the story and I loved that.

I loved Willow. I could see a lot of myself in her. She’s a sweet character and was created perfectly for her role in the story. And the fact that she’s got a “crush” on her sister’s boyfriend??? Loved that!!!! Sam’s character was a bit complex and I loved everything about him. His protectiveness over Willow, his protectiveness of the other characters in the story, really made me fall hard for him.

This is definitely a book worth 4 stars that I will have on my keeper shelf for a long time to come. I’ll be recommending it to all my book loving friends that love a book filled with twists, humor and characters that steal your heart. While this was book 2 in a series, the events and characters were well written and didn’t leave me confused and wondering what happened. It’s easily read as a stand alone. Well done, Ms. Warren!

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