Revell Blog Tour Review: Summer Of Joy by Ann H. Gabhart

28 March, 2014 Book Reviews 0 [simple-rating stars="four-stars"]

My Thoughts:
When I think of reading an Ann Gabhart novel, I  think Shakers. The first novel I read by Ms. Gabhart was one of her Shaker novels, called The Seeker. I loved it. Her writing style is different, yet refreshing and really captivates me with each book that I read. Summer Of Joy was no different, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading. However, sadly, I didn’t read both the first books in this series, so I want to go back and read them. 

In this novel, Ms. Gabhart captures everything from romance, to secrets and letting go of the past. She fills the book with tenderness and love, but also with anger and hatred. It makes for a wonderful combination as you turn the pages. Jocie’s character really brought out my mama side! I wanted to wrap her up and hold her all day long and tell her everything would be okay! 

Of course, Ms. Gabhart adds characters that made me quite mad, too! For instance, Jocie’s mother. Let’s just say, I wanted to through the book across the room and throttle her! But, Ms. Gabhart over came that with adding humor to the story to keep me smiling through out the book, as well. 

If you are looking for a novel that is both dramatic and refreshing, then Ms. Gabhart’s Summer Of Joy is for you. She will pull you into her 4 star books and keep you hooked from start to finish. Another fabulous job, Ms. Gabhart! Thank you!

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