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Hello and Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone is having a blessedly wonderful start to this the first day of the new year! I am posting this today as sort of a poll. I have noticed lots of bloggers doing an Entry Form for their book giveaways, sometimes with various boxes to check for following, etc, as bonus entries. I am considering doing this for my giveaways instead of leaving comments. I have found that many people don’t always leave their email addresses because, like I do sometimes, ya’ll get excited about entering and the chance to win that ya’ll forget. I think with this form and the mandatory field of email address and extra entries marked all on one form might be a little better. I would still use to choose the winner, but I think it may be a little easier to enter. What’s ya’ll’s take on this idea???? I need some advice before I officially decide! Thanks ya’ll!!!

1 January, 2011
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