Happy Haul-idays from Chronicle Books!!!


Check out this giveaway I’m entering…you can too!

From the Chronicles Site:

For the Bloggers:
Post a list of Chronicle Books valued at up to $500 that you’d like to haul in, and you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to WIN your list of books! And, one of your readers who comments on the post will win the list too!

For Everyone Else:

Visit the blogs for your chance to win a haul of Chronicle Books! Each of the blogs has posted a list of books valued up to $500! One blogger and one commenter on the winning post will each WIN the list!

Deadline to enter is December 10th and winners will be announced on December 13th. 
For entry form click here. 
Click here to visit Chronicles website for a complete listing of titles to choose from. 
My list for my kids and I:

The Gravedigger By Peter Grandbois

Night Game: A John Marquez Crime Novel By Kirk Russell

Christmas Delicious: Blue Apple Books By Lyn Loates, Mark Jones
The Present By Bob Gill

Learning to Ski With Mister MaGee by Chris Van Dusen
Night Game by Kirk Russell
Shell Games by Kirk Russell
Sharp Shooter by Nadia Gordon
Death By The Glass by Nadia Gordon
Dead Game by Kirk Russell
Murder Alfresco by Nadia Gordon
Lethal Vintage by Nadia Gordon

Not a long list, but a pretty cool list just the same!!! Good luck to any and all who enter! 

15 November, 2010
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