BookLookBlogger Review: This Life I Live by Rory Feek

23 May, 2017 Book Reviews 2 [simple-rating stars="five-stars"]

My Thoughts
I didn’t just love this book. I loved this book. It’s moving. This book isn’t just a biography of Rory Feek’s life. It’s the story of a true love, that will last beyond death. A love that is strong and unbreakable no matter the circumstance. It is a book that left me smiling, and left me with tears. This is a book that will be with me forever and I will turn to it many times over. 

As a woman who is married to her best friend, I couldn’t imagine going through what Rory did with Joey. I wouldn’t be able to stay strong and move on. It would be too heart shattering, in my opinion. But, through reading Rory’s story, I know I can do it. I know I can remember the good things, the fun times, the inspiring moments that my best friend left me with. Rory’s story is filled with hope and faith. The way he talks about Joey is incredibly moving and I loved feeling a part of his life, if just for a little bit. 

Reading this book, however, opened new feelings for me! I followed this story closely, especially since my husband knew Joey and Rory somewhat for a time, having bounced at the Longbranch in Raleigh, NC where a lot of country singers got their start. I followed the singers’ story, how Joey was battling her cancer but determined to live life a certain way. I followed the pictures of their beautiful family and sweet baby girl! I was utterly devastated when I read of Joey’s death, and sweet little Indie with out a mama! Oh how my heart ached for them all. But, the words that Rory penned in this book truly helped me to see life in a new way. Truly inspiring! 

I highly recommend this book to all with 5 stars and nothing less. It’s a story of one man’s journey with the love of his life and their struggles with battling her terminal cancer. It’s a story of one man’s faith in God. It’s a story that is truly amazing and you will definitely need a few tissues as you read through these beautifully written pages. 

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