Book Review: Miss Mabel’s School For Girls by Katie Cross

13 April, 2014 Book Reviews 1 [simple-rating stars="five-stars"]

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My Thoughts:
So, I will admit, as I did on her guest post page, that I shamelessy begged Ms. Cross for a copy of MMSFG. I wanted a nice, gorgeous signed copy of an awesome book on my bookshelves. And, you know what she did? She made my entire year by agreeing and sending me a copy! It’s so gorgeous. I drool over it. Literally. What? Can’t a gal have a moment? Anyway, I was so excited when she sent me a copy. I wanted to devour it in minutes! Instead, I devoured it in just a day and a half. Sadly, though, I do have some issues with the book. Oh hush now. I don’t mean I didn’t like the book. I loved the book. My issues are the fact that I have to wait. I repeat, I have to wait for the next books! I want them now. And that I want to travel to Miss Mabel’s School For Girls…I want to  become a student there. I want to break loose with all things spellbinding!

I don’t read many witch-y books. I just don’t like the  way some authors create witches…they aren’t captivating enough. But, Ms. Cross nailed it! I loved it. It’s fantastically witch-y and her characters. Oh my goodness, her characters. Bianca. Miss Mabel. All of them. Brilliantly chiseled! They were brilliantly chiseled into a way of captivating my mind, my soul……I loved following them on their journey of witchiness and teachings. Their ups, downs,ins and outs became my ups,downs,ins and outs. Seriously. It was that hooking!

Filled with awesomeness and spells, this book will capture you! I kid you not! It is simply lovely. I am so glad I begged her for a copy. It’s beyond the clouds 5 star worthy…no. It’s more than 5 stars worthy….5 million stars???? Now. Now Ms. Cross must go on to write the next Network Series novel. I need it….no…I crave it right now. This is by far the best start to a series I’ve ever read. Fabulously done, Ms. Cross….fabulously done!!! 

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