Book Review: Mark Of Distinction by Jessica Dotta

18 May, 2014 Book Reviews 0 [simple-rating stars="one-star"]

My Thoughts:
Unfortunately, I wasn’t into this book like I thought I would be. I love historical fiction and when I hear of new ones, I’m always quick to jump on reading them. So, when I saw this one become available, and read the blurb, I grabbed it. 

Then, sitting down to read it, I was very, very disappointed. It was definitely not what I was expecting and often times, left me wondering what the author was doing with the story. Perhaps, if I had read book 1, it would be a lot easier to follow along. But, I didn’t and now I’m left hanging. I want to embrace the characters but the author dragged their stories out. I lost interest two-thirds into the story. 

That said, I still recommend you try this book. It’s a 1 star rating from my personal opinion but  to others who have read book 1 will enjoy it. Even if you hadn’t read book 1, grab a copy and try it. You may find that you love it. This will not persuade me to never try this author’s work again. I am actually looking forward to trying her work again, as this may have been an off book. 

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