Book Review: Bibleman: Say Goodbye To The Grand Duchess Of Greed

9 August, 2017 Book Reviews 3 [simple-rating stars="five-stars"]

My Thoughts
This will be short review as this book is just a simple 32 pages. But, it will be a good review! When my children were younger (they are teens now!), they adored watching Bibleman. They even had the chance to meet Bibleman in person at a live event at a local church. They were so excited about that and Bibleman was filled with such Godly messages and themes for young children. So, when the opportunity to review this book arose, I jumped on the chance. I wasn’t disappointed! This fantabulous children’s book is filled with a wonderful message from God above! It is a book that teaches young ones about the meaning of greed and how it can hurt other’s without you realizing it. The way Bibleman swoops in and helps deliver the messages from the Bible, really brought back the memories for this mama! This book, with all it’s colorful pages and wonderful Bible messages is one I truly recommend to all who have young children. A 5 star, church library, family reading time, captivating childrens book, for sure! 

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  1. Becky Smith

    I just had to comment, because our children LOVED Bibleman! I even made a Bibleman cake for one of our son’s birthday. I may have to look for this book and buy it for our grandchildren.

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