Blogging For Book Review: The Road To Paradise by Karen Barnett

3 August, 2017 Book Reviews 1

My Thoughts
I loved this book and everything about it. It was wonderfully written, with characters that are real-to-life, a setting that will sweep you away to the Mount Ranier National Park and a plot that will leave you dying for more of this talented authors work. It was such a fabulous feeling reading this book. 

This novel is a mix of historical and beautiful scenes. I felt as though I was right there with Margie and the Rangers, looking at the parks in front of them. I loved feeling as though the author was writing the story just for me, and gripped me wholly with her wonderful characters, words and messages. These characters, both good and bad, quickly steal your heart and don’t let go until the end! Each page turn brings you further to the heart of Mt. Ranier taking you along for the ride of protecting the park. 

This is the first book in Ms. Barnett’s new series and I definitely recommend it with high flying 5 stars! Ms. Barnett is a wonderful author and this book just became one of my top 10 reads for 2017! If you are looking for a book that is chiseled fantabulously, filled with hope and twists, and characters that you want to make your friends, then look no further than this start of The Vintage National Parks novels. I absolutely can not wait to get my book loving hands on book 2! Well done, Ms. Barnett! 

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