Revell Reads Review: Pursued by Lisa Harris

24 April, 2017 Book Reviews 0

My Thoughts: 
Holy smokes! Ms. Harris is a FABULOUS thrilling, suspense author. Her book had it all. I mean all. It had the thrills of suspense, the chilling twists, the roller coaster ups and the breath taking romance that makes up a well rounded, beautifully written romantic suspense novel. 

The characters within this book are perfectly chiseled. They are real-to-life and complexly portrayed in this thriller. Nikki, Erika, Tyler and the other secondary characters really pulled me into the heart of the story with them. Every fast paced move, every heart pounding scene truly came to life for me. I loved that! 

Ms. Harris had me on the edge of the my seat through this whole book. I read it in one intense sitting! That is how a book is written, that’s for sure. She added the perfect amount of messages from God and kept the story line flowing. This story is filled with hope and trusting in Him. You need both in today’s world! 

While this is not the first book in this series, it wasn’t hard to get acquainted with the characters and their stories. But, I will for sure be checking out the first two books in the series as well as looking forward to the next installment! Ms. Harris, you are truly, superbly talented and I give this book a whopping 5 star praise and roof-top-shouting recommendations. 

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