Revell Reads Review: A Justice Delayed by Patricia Bradley

7 February, 2017 Book Reviews 0 [simple-rating stars="four-stars"]

As a lover of all things crime on television, I was excited to hear of Ms. Bradley’s new release, the first in a new series. This book was filled with the twist and turns of a well written, suspenseful crime drama. From start to finish, Ms. Bradley gave me a roller coaster ride of events.

The characters are truly complex and I could relate on more than one occasion to Andi. Her struggles were real-to-life and I felt all her emotions. The intensity of a murdered sister keeps you up long in to the night, desperate to help Andi put together the pieces of the story. I love when a crime book puts me in the center like that. Add in to the mix the hunky detective Will Kincaide as he tries to find a killer and free an innocent person, and this cold case story was quickly a favorite.

This was a race against time novel, and a lovely start to a new and exciting crime series. Ms. Bradley never disappoints when she writes. Her stories have a plot of suspense, romance, faith and hope. The reader is left on the edge of their seats, jaw dropped, wondering when the next book will release. Hats off to this 4 star read and very talented author!

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