LitFuse Blog Tour Review: The Great Chattanooga Bicycle Race by Mike H. Mizrahi

4 June, 2017 Blog Tours, Book Reviews 5 [simple-rating stars="five-stars"]

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My Thoughts
I enjoyed this book so much more than I thought I would. The author is new to me and his writing style is refreshing! The characters within the book really spoke to me and came alive as I followed young Anne and Peter throughout this story. I felt as if I was the one in the middle of it all. I love when a book does that to me. This book is filled with life lessons of having faith, hope, perseverance and relying on the Lord above. 

Young Anne, bless her. I could see a lot of my own stubborn self in her! She’s a sweet soul and wouldn’t take being told no she couldn’t do something for an answer! She was going to do it and that was that. A woman in the south riding a man’s contraption! Unheard of, but not for Anne! She was going to ride and not be stopped. It was interesting seeing the events of that played out, especially knowing that in today’s society women can do just about anything they want to. 

I loved Peter’s character, too. Watching him interact with Anne and the other characters was captivating. He struggled so much with what to do between what was right in his world and what his heart wanted…..Anne. When he came to terms with what he truly wanted, trusting in God and not judging, or listening to those who judged,I applauded him. 

This book is rich in historic detail and really can transport the reader back into history, back to a time when women knew their place and kept their mouth shuts about it. Back to a time when women didn’t stand their ground and stand for what they truly believe in, especially in the deep south. This book is beautifully written and instantly captivating. It will leave the reader breathless and thinking about the characters long after the pages have been turned and the book shut and put away. 

I definitely recommend this book with 5 stars! It’s going in my top reads for 2017, for sure! Hats off to Mike Mizrahi for creating a new fan in me! I can’t wait for another wonderfully written book by this extremely talented author! 
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Take a ride through 1895 Chattanooga as it’s turned upside down when a young woman has the audacity to ride a bicycle-in bloomers-in Mike H. Mizrahi’s new book, The Great Chattanooga Bicycle Race! Anna Gaines, 19, struggles to conquer her insecurities after a horrible fall years ago from her beloved horse, Longstreet. On a visit to Brooklyn, she’s drawn to the new pastime of bicycling. But back at home, cycling is a scandalous sport for a proper lady. Anna has her eye on Peter Sawyer, president of the Cycling Club. As community outrage grows, an unexpected turn of events pits Anna against Peter in a race between the sexes.

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