BookLook Blogger Review: You’ll Think Of Me by Robin Lee Hatcher

21 April, 2017 Book Reviews 6

My Thoughts:
I love Ms. Hatcher’s writing style. She is one that will pull you in from the very first page. She’ll grip you, captivate you and keep you in the center of the story and not let you go until you’ve turned the last page. Sitting there reflecting on what you’ve just read. Her writing never bores the reader and keeps them highly entertained and filled with lots of emotions! 

I loved sweet Brooklyn. Bless her, she is broken and doesn’t know who to trust or how. My heart wept for her on more than one occasion! Seeing her with her daughter and what she’s trying to do really pulled at me. When she learned of what her estranged husband did, it was a whirlwind of ups and downs as I followed Brooklyn to Thunder Creek. 

Derek’s character is one I’m not sure whether I love or hate. Maybe a little of both. He was put off with Brooklyn in the beginning and I wanted to throttle him more than once! But, Ms. Hatcher redeemed Derek’s character for me when promises were revealed and by the end of the story I was in love! 

If you want a story filled with heartache, redemption, and characters that are true to life, then please, look no further! Ms. Hatcher’s You’ll Think Of Me will captivate you like no other. This is definitely a 5 star book that is going in my top 5 reads for 2017! Bravo to you, Ms. Hatcher! 

6 Responses to “BookLook Blogger Review: You’ll Think Of Me by Robin Lee Hatcher”

  1. Ella

    It’s sad that her husband died I feel bad for the little girl losing her father I hope it works out that Derek become someone that is good for both the mother and daughter.

  2. Brian

    Derek better treat them right sounds like they have been through a lot and deserve to find happiness and security with a good man and father figure.

  3. Rebecca Knight

    It sounds like an interesting story I will add it to my to be read list. thanks!

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