Book Review: The Quilted Heart by Mona Hodgson

7 April, 2014 Book Reviews 0 [simple-rating stars="four-stars"]

My Thoughts:
I’ve enjoyed Ms. Hodgson’s books in the past, and these collection of novellas was no different. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this tender book! Centered just after the Civil War, Ms. Hodgson brings to life the historical elements, the styles, the way of living after such a hard time. I loved it! 

Ms. Hodgson created strong, charming characters that felt real to me. I felt like I made a new friend, or family member, through them as I followed each character from each story on their life’s journey. I loved the hidden messages of faith, hope, love, understanding and trusting that Ms. Hodgson incorporates into the books. 

I highly recommend this book with 4 stars. It will move you, entertain you and keep you hooked until the end. I am looking forward to the next book that Ms. Hodgson brings her readers. She’s truly talented and this is a job well done! 

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