Blogging For Books Review: Peace In The Valley by Ruth Logan Herne

6 June, 2017 Book Reviews 2 [simple-rating stars="five-stars"]

My Thoughts
Ms. Herne has done yet again. She has captivated me, heart and soul, with this 3rd installment of her Double S Ranch series. As with the other, I loved it! Her writing style, once again, sucks me to the heart of the story and grips me completely, not letting me go until the very last page is turned. I’m a lover of cowboys so this book hits the spot for that.

This book really hit home with me on so many levels. From the pain of losing a parent to the pain and struggle of dealing with a loved one who’s sick, I connected with the characters hard. Lucy and Trey’s characters dealt with so much. From heartache to love and second chances, these characters were beautifully chiseled. Trey’s feelings for Lucy, Lucy’s struggle with trying to overcome her past, and the steadfast faith that both characters have are a wonderful part of the story.

This story of building trust, of characters forgiving not just each other but themselves, of perseverance and patience, will keep you up long into the night. Each page turn pulls you further in, making you want more and more. When you reach the last page of Trey and Lucy’s story, you’ll instantly want more, yet, you’ll cherish your moments with these characters who became family.

I give the 3rd installment of the Double S Ranch a high flying 5 stars! It’s beautifully created and heart gripping! I can’t wait to see what Ms. Herne has in store for us next!


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